Green Shieldbug

Just a little one for my own collection this is a nymph of the Green Shieldbug, Palomena Prasina.

Green ShieldbugJust like Butterflies Shieldbugs go through four moults before they reach the adult stage. So when they hatch they are known as first instar and four moults later they are known as fith instar after that they become an imago (adult).

Each instar looks a bit different than the last so when trying to collect the set you have to get all five instars and the adult. The Green Shieldbug has two different colour forms so there are twelve to collect and now I have got two of them.

Not a great count but you have to start somewhere. I think this one is a fifth instar as it’s “shoulders” are starting to develop.

Green Shieldbug

Green Shieldbug

Green Shieldbug

Green ShieldbugI know it is a bit sad really but oh well, only ten more forms to identify. 🙂 I think that this one is a lovely colour.

Here are some older pictures of an adult Green Shieldbug.

Green Shieldbug

Green Shieldbug

Green Shieldbug

11 thoughts on “Green Shieldbug”

      1. You are exactly right. All creatures are here for a reason. When I was little, my brothers and I played with Pincher Bugs. We never held them because they really would pinch. We made roads in the dirt for them to crawl on. Sometimes we’d give them a twig just to watch them grab hold of it. I’ve never seen a Pincher Bug since. Have you ever heard of them?


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