Forest Shieldbug

Pentatoma rufipes. I am just continuing with my Shieldbug theme for a moment while I wait for my hair to dry (as if) šŸ™‚ I used a picture of a forest as the header because I haven’t got many pictures of this one. All sorts of things live in the forest, there is something watching me in that picture and I will show you at the end.

Forest Shieldbug imago:

Forest Shieldbug

Forest ShieldbugThis is the nymph of the Forest Shieldbug and I think this is fifth instar.

Forest Shieldbug

Forest Shieldbug

Forest Shieldbug

Forest ShieldbugThat is just another of my collections that I am still working on.

So what was in the forest. Sorry about the quality it was a long way away and dark in there.

Fallow DeerI see you seeing me. Don’t worry I am just looking for bugs. šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Forest Shieldbug”

  1. I feel more comfortable around spiders than shield bugs. The latter seem to just appear (occasionally on my clothes) and the fact they’re a bit more solid is a bit off putting.


    1. Thank you Stephen šŸ™‚ Like me you live in the land of harmless spiders. I am beginning to feel quite guilty about telling people not to be afraid of them when elsewhere some of them are dangerous. It is funny that so many Brits have a very rational fear that is unrelated to their experience.


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