Romany-ing around

I have been out for a nice walk this morning, on my own though and in a bit I will have to take Fizz out. It is raining at the moment.

I met a fellow this morning and he told me his name was Pete. A Romany Gypsy who has now settled in the local village. Pete knew a bit about Butterflies.

While I was talking to Pete I noticed the Bracken was colouring up nicely.

BrackenIf you have ever wondered what Bracken is here for, it is to make me happy and it does it’s job well. I have started to take photographs but I am not ready to do a post about Bracken yet

BrackenI am also noticing that Blackberries are beginning to ripen on the Brambles, it is starting to feel like “Late Summer.”

BlackbeerriesPete was walking the littlest dog that I have ever seen, it would have made Fizz feel big. So I politely commented, “That’s a little dog.”

Pete used to own and breed Lurchers, he is 77 and retired now but once he made his living off his dogs. He told me that he used to show them and also organise shows. In his heyday he would have 1500 people paying five pounds a head to enter a dog for the chance of £3000 in prize money but it has all changed now.

Don’t complain to me about that, I am not responsible for the conditions of Romany dogs fifty years ago, nor do I know anything about those conditions. I imagine that they were loved and cared for as one of the family. I just like meeting interesting people.

Pete told me that he missed his dogs sorely, the last one died last year having picked up a tick in the woods. He still has a little companion if and when he fancies a kick around in the field. Which reminds me that my little side kick still needs a walk.

It wasn’t a bad day for Butterflies, I got some pictures of the amazing and colourful Meadow Brown. (It is in this next picture somewhere)

Meadow BrownI have felt that I had a duty to photograph the Meadow Brown and I did my best but I kept getting distracted by the more mundane little insects.

Female Common BlueThe best bit of this morning was that I got good pictures of the female Gatekeeper. I have been after those since I posted the male a couple of weeks ago. (Post coming up)

Female GatekeeeperThe biggest disappointment was that I didn’t see a Clouded Yellow, that was what I was really after. Pete had seen a few about last year but that didn’t help.

I also saw and photographed some beautiful wildflowers.



WildflowersThey all have posts coming up but maybe I can’t do them all today. I have a strong desire to wash my kitchen floor and take Poochy out for a game of ball.

So, sorry to do such a b-rambling post…

BrambleI just wanted to write about Pete and set a few things in my mind for the next time that we meet. Little details are important. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Romany-ing around”

  1. Delightful patter (impromptu comments)! And pictures. Are all your friends just as cheery and laid-back wonderful as you? Thanks for taking us on your walks.


    1. Thanks Elouise 🙂 I am lucky enough to be living in one of the gentler parts of England and most people do stop to chat. I have never heard an unfriendly word spoken here. (I have lived other places and value this)


  2. I had already noticed and admired your bracken in other photos. I look forward to a post about that. I appreciate the passing references to dogs- our devoted old mongrel died about a month ago. I miss rambling in the woods with her. It has been my experience that having a different species along with me opens my mind to observations I would have otherwise missed. She taught me so much.

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  3. I like the hunt the Meadow Brown photo. The former owner (now retired) of our local second-hand book shop came from a Romany family and was an expert on nature books (he was a fan of B.B.). He compiled a Romany dictionary called Gipsy Jib


  4. Thanks Sandi 🙂 We have had a second day of rain here now. This morning I started worrying that if my Butterflies start emerging when it is raining like this they won’t want to leave the flat. That could be a problem. There would be thirty butterflies in my kitchen.


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