Beautiful Bracken

This is a post about the soothing green colour of Bracken in the early summer.

I have to post this now because yesterday evening as I was walking Fizz I noticed that the Bracken in the hedgerow was starting to colour up. I love Bracken when the Autumn colours set in and the hedgerow blazes with red and gold. In my wood in East Sussex we had a lot of Heather that would flower just when the Bracken was at it’s most striking and the sight was breathtaking. I used to think that a photograph could never capture the beauty before me and if it did, no-one would believe that it was real.

Before all of that happens we have this lovely green. I took these pictures three or four days ago, over at the quarry because I was struck by how soothing and peaceful the colour green is.








3 thoughts on “Beautiful Bracken”

    1. Hi Gin, thanks for the comment. 🙂 Bracken is a type of Fern and belongs to the group known as True Ferns or Leptosporangiate Ferns. It is edible, at least the young fiddle heads are considered edible by many cultures around the world. It is also poisonous, it is known to be carcinogenic to some animals and produces cancers in Horses and cattle that eat it.In Japan where it is widely eaten it is being investigated as a possible reason for the high incidence of stomach cancer that they have there. I wouldn’t eat it I would just hide in it.


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