People give me things

I am lucky enough to live in the sort of community where it is not necessary to lock your door when you go out.

This is a very good thing because it reduces the chances of locking yourself out of your house. Yesterday I was called on by my landlord who had managed to lock himself out of his own house and would I just mind giving him a leg up while he climbed through the window. πŸ™‚ he is 83.

People who call on me while I am out will often just let themselves in and leave me things. The last animal was a fledgeling Blue Tit. So when I got back fromΒ my butterfly hunting this morning I wasn’t too surprised to find a Newt in my kitchen.

Smooth NewtIt had been left on my kitchen table in a bowl of water and worrying that it might be tap water I decided to let it go ASAP. We have big ponds in the garden and beyond so I left it close to the water.

This is a female Smooth Newt,Β Lissotriton vulgaris also called a Common Newt. I don’t think that Β she needs to be in water, the breeding season is over and they become terrestrial after that but I am just leaving her close to water in case I am wrong.

(I did just have a quick look at her ventral surface before I put her down, It’s okay, I am a naturalist)

Smooth Newt

Smooth Newt

Smooth Newt

Smooth Newt

Smooth Newt

Smooth NewtSee you later little water animal, watch out for the Owl and the Pussy Cat πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “People give me things”

  1. Sorry. I had a good laugh at this post, it reminded me of Monty Python… “She changed me into a newt”.. πŸ™‚
    Great shots..


  2. She’s beautiful! I wish someone would leave me a newt! The closest I’ve come to a cute amphibian was the other night when, after considerable humidity, we had a thunderstorm and I stepped outside to enjoy the bangs and crashes and cooling rain. Almost on the doorstep were two beautiful big toads. Unfortunately too dark and wet for a photo!


  3. Thanks Jude πŸ™‚ I do appreciate people’s kindness and good intentions in bringing me these gifts but these little animals would be much better left where they are. It turned out that the lady who brought this one round just wanted to know what it was, no harm done πŸ™‚


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