Rosa and Fred (A love story)

This is Rosa. You can recognise her because she has lost a tail feather,  She lost it ages ago and you can see that in the videos of the first brood.

Barn SwallowRosa has been very unhappy, she lost her babies.

This is Fred, he has much longer tail feathers than Rosa. Fred is a bird with a plan.

Barn Swallow“We can try again”

Oh! Fred, Fred, Fred. There isn’t time.

So now Rosa is happy again.

Barn SwallowShe has spent the morning nest building. Not a new nest she is just freshening up the old one and making it a bit bigger for a new brood.

Barn Swallow

Barn SwallowPoor Fred.

Barn SwallowHe just couldn’t bear to see her so unhappy, couldn’t bear to hear her crying. She was driving me nuts, imagine what it must have been like for poor Fred.

Barn Swallow

Barn SwallowI don’t think that there is time for them to have another brood now and for the new birds to build their strength up for the flight to Africa which they must make. What can you say?

How do you say no to such a beautiful and unhappy lady?

Barn Swallow

Barn SwallowYou say it like this Fred, “No! N.O. spells NO! No!”

9bBuild your nest. My love is always with you and at least you have shut her up.

Barn Swallow

Happy chatter again. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rosa and Fred (A love story)”

  1. Colin, thanks for the ‘Like’ and I am happy I checked out your site, I love it! Totally touched by this love story and the Happy Ending in your video of the brood’s fledging. Swallows are among my most favorite birds.


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