Well it might work, try scratching your screen now.

MeadowsweetWe were walking back from the Badger sett and there was a light breeze blowing across this overgrown meadow and the breeze carried the most wonderful scent. I hadn’t even noticed the flowers up until then.

It is Meadowsweet and it is called that for a reason. It has a wonderful scent, a bit like vanilla but more subtle. I don’t know much about perfume but I can’t imagine anyone being able to create a scent this good, there is nothing artificial about it. I had to wade in.







8There is stacks of it here. I am thinking that I could gather armfuls and bring it home, that would be very cool. Hmmm…. I don’t actually own a vase. This is work in progress.


6 thoughts on “Smellyvision”

  1. Thanks Gigi πŸ™‚ This has to be done. This summer is filling all my senses but one. The sound is the Swallows constant chatter. The taste is the herbs that I pick from the hedgerow and anticipation of Hazelnuts. The feel is not the sun on my back but the constant tingling from close association with Stinging Nettles. The sights are recorded on this blog but where is the scent. Gotta go pick flowers πŸ™‚


  2. Queen Elizabeth l did use meadowsweet and thought the meadowsweet in Wales had the best scent so had it shipped in loads to London. I heard this at the National Botanic Garden of Wales last weekend at their wild flower day.


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