Redshank, Persicaria maculosa

Sorry but it is not a wading bird it is a native  wildflower, what some people call a weed. It is most often found growing on wasteland, I have found it on the Sheep pasture close to the pond, it likes water It is in flower  now and for the rest of the summer (June-October).



RedshankThis is a member of the Knotweed family (Polygonaceae) and despite it’s very distinctive looking flowers there is actually another member of the same family that looks very similar. Amphibious Bistort is as it’s name suggests primarily a water plant but it does grow in damp meadows.

To identify Redshank look at the leaves they often have a dark spot in the centre. Though when I was looking at this plant earlier today I had to search for the spot, it wasn’t obvious on most of the leaves.


RedshankThat dark spot has earned this plant another name of “Spotted Lady’s Thumb.”

The young leaves are edible but this is one with very little taste and I wouldn’t go out of my way to collect it.

Polygonum minus Polygonum minus Polygonum minus Polygonum minus Polygonum minus


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