We Interrupt This Blog…..

Beautiful animals and flowers coming in a moment but I have just seen the news.

We interrupt this blog to rejoice in the news that Owen Paterson has effectively been fired from his position as”The worst Environment Secretary ever.”

There is absolutely no point in making a scapegoat of a man unless you reverse his unpopular policies so can we now please cancel the wicked proposed cull of Badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

It is quite plain that the whole thing was Paterson’s idea and he was the sole person responsible for this very unpopular policy and now that he is gone all that remains is to reverse the harm that he did and we can all go back to loving our government for the good guys that they really are… or hating them, whatever you like.

I don’t give a fig about politics but it breaks my heart to see my animals slaughtered.


Happy ManNormal service will be resumed shortly…

4 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog…..”

  1. Like yourself Colin I was glad to see the back of Mr Paterson but alas It was a very short lived celebration as the new Environment Secretary Liz Truss has vowed (in her own words) to use “every tool in our toolbox” to eradicate bovine tuberculosis in cattle, she is 100% behind the badger cull 😦


  2. Thanks Marco, It does look as though she means to continue with the cull. It is obvious that the coming cull is going to be hugely unpopular so why didn’t they just leave Paterson in place to take all the flack and then sack him. It seems stupid to put a new player in just when things are about to turn nasty..
    I know that DEFRA are saying that the second round will be much more successful and I think that they are probably right. As far as I can see they have given up monitoring foe humaneness and effectiveness and now the aim is just to shoot animals. If they are not trying to achieve anything or discover anything then it is hard to see how they can fail.
    I still wouldn’t have brought Truss in until I was ready to announce the great success. It seems to me to be a waste of a Tory.


    1. The move could have nothing to do with Badgers. Maybe some high up politicians didn’t like having an upstart young woman in the ranks and decided to end her career. Maybe there is another player ready to come in and receive the accolades. How can you see inside the minds of mad men?


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