The Pink Fingers in the Sky

This is just a quick caterpillar update before I go out to photograph a beautiful blue wildflower that I saw yesterday when it was raining.

I told you that they huddled together at night , probably because they were afraid of the dark but I was wrong.

Peacock Larvae

They stayed in that position all day yesterday and didn’t even wriggle, I was beginning to worry about them.  Had they all taken poison or something?

They behave like they are in a cult but if they are what on earth do they worship?

I needn’t have worried they were having a mass moult.Peacock LarvaeToday they are running all over the place leaving the debris of little, used caterpillar skins in a mess behind them.

Peacock Larvae

Peacock LarvaeThey have changed and what a wonderful transformation it has been.

This is what they looked like before the moult….Peacock LarvaeNow look at them. All bright and shiny in their new skins.

Peacock Larvae

Peacock Larvae

Peacock LarvaeNow I shall have to get them new leaves but I will do that after the blue flower.

Oh poop! There has just been an almighty peal of thunder. Must dash.

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