The Swallows are back!

Well I think that we have a second brood. They are too small to stick their heads out yet and I can not see inside the nest but I think that there are newly hatched chicks there.

Here is Mama sitting on the nest She is just being beautiful.

The rest of this post might seem a bit gross if you haven’t had your breakfast yet.

Here is a ten second video illustrating one of the responsibilities of raising a brood, namely removing the droppings from the nest. The young birds in this video are the first brood and at this point they haven’t fledged and are nest bound.

So that is what you have to do.

I set the camera up yesterday hoping to see the parent birds removing droppings from the nest, I didn’t expect to see any more than that. Instead I got this..The male bird appears to swallow something white.

I think that amounts to the same thing he is cleaning the nest and there are newly hatched chicks in there. πŸ™‚

We Β shall be watching them grow and then sadly we shall have to watch them fly off to Africa…

But not for a bit.

8 thoughts on “The Swallows are back!”

    1. Thanks Margaret πŸ™‚ I just had to Google for Australian Swallows. Are your birds migratory? The Welcome Swallow looks a lot like our Barn Swallows πŸ™‚


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