Hedge Bindweed

Defending the indefensible.

Number one it is a beautiful white flower that sits in a jungle of green.

Hedge BindweedThere are various reasons why some people don’t like it. It is a very tough character but have you seen the neighbourhood?

It lives amongst Bracken and Bramble, Nettles, Goose Grass and Old Man’s Beard. The same people that don’t like Bindweed don’t like Bracken or Bramble and for the very same reason, they are very tough survivors. If bindweed was any less than it is then there wouldn’t be anything there at all.

These things are nature and they can make a mess of man’s designs.

Bindweed has very beautiful flowers and as I walk through the jungle it is one of the few things that doesn’t try to bite me, sting me or steal my wallet. It might strangle me if I fell asleep but what are the chances of that happening?

Hedge Bindweed

Calystegia sepiumIt is one of the gentler plants in the jungle but obviously it can handle itself and when plants from this side of the tracks cross the tracks then it creates problems.

Calystegia sepium

Calystegia sepium

Calystegia sepiumSo not really one to plant in your border if you want to keep your sanity but perfect in a country hedgerow.

Calystegia sepium

Calystegia sepiumHere is the Defence: Just flick back up through that post that you have just passed, it is lovely. That is a good enough reason.

4 thoughts on “Hedge Bindweed”

  1. It really is a lovely flower. I would welcome it here though I understand why people don’t like it. Maybe if someone put a patent on it and called it trouble-free it might catch on. hahaha


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