The Ones That Got Away

These are Butterflies that I have photographed over the last few days but generally they have only allowed me one quick shot at them and for one reason or another I felt that I didn’t have enough material to create a post.

Today’s big frustration was this Gatekeeper. I really wanted an open wing shot or rather I wanted half a dozen and it wasn’t going to play ball. This is a really pretty little butterfly when it opens up.


GatekeeperAlso today a pair of mating Small Whites gave me about four seconds to get everything that I wanted.

Small White

Small WhiteI would have liked to have a proper shot of them πŸ™‚

This is one of my favourite butterflies the Speckled Wood. I got one quick shot and he was gone.

Speckled WoodSmall Tortoiseshells were everywhere today but they were being very territorial and flying up at everything that moved. I couldn’t get one to stay in the same place for a minute while I took it’s photo.

Small Tortoiseshell

Small TortoiseshellA Green Veined White gave me a couple of chances but the light wasn’t very good.

Green Veined White

Green Veined White

Green Veined WhiteLast of the pictures, there are hundreds of Ringlets about now but will they sit still?

RingletApart from these there are two other species that I am desperate to get pictures of and they are the Marbled White and Small Skipper (I think it’s a Small but could be an Essex Skipper) There are lots of these about at the moment.

I don’t worry too much about all of these animals that don’t want to be famous, their day will come and there is always one that does. I just have to find the right animal.


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