Searching for Honeysuckle Berries

Come on, why would anyone search for Honeysuckle Berries at this time of year? It is just an excuse to photograph the flowers.

“Over here, I think I’ve found some! In there behind the flowers”


Honeysuckle“Oh yeah! look at them, there might be some more.”

Honeysuckle“Just have to get past these pesky flowers.”




Honeysuckle“Well, look at that, Honeysuckle berries.”

HoneysuckleThe birds like them.

4 thoughts on “Searching for Honeysuckle Berries”

    1. Thanks Jude 🙂 Blackberries we have got by the gazillion but Spindle, I have only found one bush. The Blackthorn is good and loaded with sloes and the Hawthorn too. 🙂


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