Polygonia c-album, A butterfly with ragged wings.

I was so keen to get close to this butterfly and take his picture that I didn’t notice that he had a slight imperfection, his rear off side being slightly out.

Comma Butterfly Comma Butterfly

Comma Butterfly

But in the end his imperfection didn’t matter because I was fascinated to see him taking nectar from a flower that hadn’t opened yet and…..

Comma Butterfly….. You never know when you are going to need a picture of a butterflies tongue.

Comma ButterflySo the Comma has got a post. Well done beautiful butterfly.

Comma Butterfly


2 thoughts on “Polygonia c-album, A butterfly with ragged wings.”

  1. Absolutely wonderful! What did you say to that butterfly to get it to pose? The last but one pic of that lovely long butterfly tongue is brilliant.


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