Hunting with Badgers

When they banned Fox hunting with dogs I did the only thing that a sporting man could do and I started hunting them with Badgers. 🙂      I haven’t caught many yet.

The Badger and Fox often appear foraging the same area together. For a while I thought that the Fox was following the Badger but recently I have been able to observe that they are arriving from different directions at different times, they just share a common interest.

Most commonly they forage together peacefully just keeping a respectful distance. Occasionally the Badger will chase the Fox away. That usually just involves a short run at the Fox and that is enough, I have never seen any intention to catch the Fox or even make contact.

The Badger in this video does look as if he is trying to get close before he starts his run. I let the video run on just so that you could see the Badger returns without a Fox in his mouth.

2 thoughts on “Hunting with Badgers”

  1. Yes I am still trying to work out the relationship. I picked up the camera yesterday and there is one video where a Badger is chasing a Fox all over the field making a really determined attempt to catch the Fox. He really doesn’t like Foxes of course the Fox easily evades him, Badgers are not exactly built for speed. Fascinating stuff to watch and try to understand.


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