Badger Baiting for Love

I used to bait my cameras with a large pile of food, a mix of nuts, fruit and seed and often cat food (I got cats). It worked very well and I got hundreds of videos of the animals in my woods.

Eventually I grew bored of watching animals eat nuts, I wanted to see something of their lives, more natural behaviour.

The problem is that a trail camera is static and getting animals to perform natural behaviour in front of it is difficult. Trail cameras are best for counting, identifying and gathering information.

I still bait my camera but these days I scatter the bait over a large area. A handful goes a long way and the animals have to work to find it. This keeps them in the area for longer and they often take breaks from their foraging to do other things.

I still like to see animals eating and this first video is just that, a herd of badgers foraging in the fields of England. Their beauty still moves me.

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