Lily The Pink?

Hi, I am just trying to make a Spider with Chameleon like properties defy nature and turn pink.

Misumena vatiaDamn!

Misumena vatiaNothing ever turns pink in my hands. I don’t seem to have that power.

Blue Tit Fledgling

What I am really doing is waiting for You tube to upload my Badger videos.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the very beautiful and colour fast Misumena vatia would like to present to you the very next post, “How Green was my Valley” A spider post.

Misumena vatia


2 thoughts on “Lily The Pink?”

  1. Aha! Now I see you already have the white crab spider that I mentioned in my comment about your green spider! Did he change from green to white? But drew the line at pink!


  2. Ha! Thanks Jude. Pink would be a very useful trick for this Spider to learn as I nearly always find it on pink flowers 🙂 I am trying to educate them 🙂


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