The Mysterious Goldfinch

“I wear this mask to hide my true identity”





GoldfinchHmmm…. Well, I think that you are a Goldfinch. Your secret is safe with me.

That’s enough birds for now.


6 thoughts on “The Mysterious Goldfinch”

  1. so fun to watch! I had a nest of flickers in our yard a few years ago that kept me fascinated, just like your family of birds. thanks for sharing…


    1. Glad you liked it 🙂 I am in a lucky place at the moment, living on a farm in great countryside, it is good for birds. There are so many fledglings about at the moment, it’s fantastic 🙂


  2. Great blog! Glad I found it. I am always mesmerized by the wonders of nature.Thanks for sharing these miraculous wonders.


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