Nothing to be afraid of…

Don’t be afraid there is nothing there….

Misumena vatia

Misumena VatiaJust the best Hogweed Juice this side of Coleford. Go on little Hover fly, get stuck in.


What’s that?

Misumena VatiaA dark cloud hid the sun and just for a moment I thought that I could see something.

Misumena Vatia

Misumena Vatia

Misumena VatiaIs it possible that Misumena vatia has finally got her camouflage colours right?

The cloud passed.

Misumena Vatia

Misumena VatiaSorry little hover fly it’s my mistake, there is nothing there. It was just a shadow.

Misumena VatiaAnd that is the end of the Hover fly story.

4 thoughts on “Nothing to be afraid of…”

    1. Thanks. They are supposed to be able to change colour from white, through yellow to green but I have only ever found white ones and they are usually on pink or purple flowers.. They are ambush predators changing colour to match the flower they are on. This is the first time that I have seen it work. Glad you liked it πŸ™‚


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