This was the Butterfly that got my attention today and started off my Butterfly mood. It was special for me because I didn’t have any pictures of Ringlets. I am not sure why, it is quite common and I have seen them before but … No Ringlet collection so it is time to start one.

RingletI am afraid that this butterfly might look a bit dull after the last two but that is partly down to the fact that it was a pretty dull and overcast day and that is very appropriate for a post about the Ringlet.

RingletRinglets are very dark coloured butterflies and they warm up quickly. Butterflies can not fly unless they are warm but Ringlets seem to prefer shade and avoid the heat of the sun, so they do fly on dull days when there isn’t much else about.. They also seek out shady places and you would not expect to find one out in an open meadow.




RingletFlight time is now until early August. They lay their eggs on various grasses and nectar on Bramble and Thistle.

I like the little brown ones.

2 thoughts on “Ringlet”

  1. Great photos! My son and I saw a ringlet in the fields the other day and weren’t sure what it was – we had to look it up, as I thought ringlets always had the little dots on, but this one was chocolatey brown like your last photo, but with no dots visible. It was in some long grasses, flying on a dull day with no other butterflies about.


    1. HI, thanks for the compliment. Not sure about your butterfly. You might look at pictures of a female Small Blue. That is on the wing right now and can look very brown with a white fringe and no dots but it would be about the size of your thumb nail. The Ringlet is bigger, about the same size as a Speckled Wood.


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