Purple Hairstreak

I thought that we could have some Butterflies today because I have just been out photographing one. This isn’t it. This is a Purple Hairstreak (female). I am just in a Butterfly mood.

Purple Hairstreak

Purple HairstreakI have only got two pictures, well I have got more but they are exactly the same as these, she was one of those annoying animals that only had one pose and then she flew away. She did close her wings for me..

These are fairly common butterflies but you don’t often see them. They live up in the tops of Oak trees. The eggs are laid on Oak buds and the larva burrows into the bud and eats it. The adult butterflies feed on Aphid honeydew that they find up in the canopy, they don’t often come down to our level. Flight time is now until the beginning of September so keep your eyes open if you live near woodland with Oaks in it.

She is a very beautiful butterfly to see.

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