Naked Men and Meles meles

The puppy and I have been Badger watching in a manner of speaking… On a hot afternoon.


FizzI am sorry for inserting this first video but I make me laugh so much.

The way that I see it a naturalist is just somebody who would take their clothes off, if Al wasn’t there.

Sorry about that. Meles meles:

The quality of these videos isn’t great, I have got the lights turned down to minimum because I was getting a lot of glare back in my previous location and I forgot to reset them.

The action is good and it is enough to tell me that I am in a good location and to try again. The very first video that I got wasn’t until 10:30. I want the lazy animals out much earlier than that.

This is work in progress.

There were a lot of beautiful flowers about as we made our way up to the sett.

I can’t really show you Honeysuckle again as we have only just done that but the Nettles were in flower.

Honeysuckle Nettle Honeysuckle NettleGet out of my bag!

FizzThe same goes for the Dog Rose, that’s been done to death. Here is a Honey Bee instead.

Honey Bee Dog Rose Honey BeeI saw a lot of bees today. No you don’t understand, I saw a LOT of bees today. Watch out for a post that may be called “How Brave I Am”


2 thoughts on “Naked Men and Meles meles”

  1. If you’re going naked you just have to ditch the wellies!! Love the pics of Fizz and the badger vids. I’m still ‘badgering’ hubby for a trail camera.


  2. Ha Ha thank you but the wellies have to stay. Even in June my feet are disappearing in the mud, this is a very wet farm. Good luck with the trail cam 🙂


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