Honeysuckle Meadows

I love Honeysuckle but there isn’t any around here. It is something that has been bothering me since I came here. There really should be Honeysuckle but I couldn’t find any in the forest or in the hedgerows.

Two days ago I happened to meet a lady that I know returning from a walk and she was enthusing about how lovely it was, “With the Foxgloves and Honeysuckle flowering in the hedgerows,” Shamefully I just thought she must be getting her flowers  mixed up and didn’t say anything to contradict her and I didn’t ask her where the Honeysuckle was because obviously she was just confused.

“There’s no Honeysuckle round here, Dear.”

HoneysuckleCome on Fizz, time for your walk.

FizzYou don’t need to bring that, I have got you tennis balls.

I decided that if we were going to go out in the fields and play ball then it would be a good idea to walk around the perimeter of the farm and look for Badger activity (But that will be another post)

Fizz didn’t know what I was doing she thought that we had gone out to play.

We played with the yellow ball…


….After we had done that for a bit we played with the pink ball. (I was finding a lot of “snuffle holes”)FizzThen we came to a hedge on the west side of the top field that had a character completely different from all of the other hedges around about.

HedgeRoses were growing in abundance (That’s another post too), Foxgloves, Woundwort, Red Campion  and guess what else we found growing there….




HoneysuckleMy Woodbine, Lonerica periclymenum. This grew freely in my wood in East Sussex and also in the woodlands around Brighton where I stayed for a while. It is a plant that I always associate with woodland.

Strangely though the hedgerows around here are thick with woodland plants and especially those that are considered “Ancient woodland indicators” like Lesser Celandine, Wood Anemones and Bluebells.

I could spend a lot of time writing about the life cycle and the qualities  of Honeysuckle, it is definitely one of my favourites but today I just want to post some pictures that I took yesterday and I will do the life story another day.





HoneysuckleSo that’s about it really, I took the dog for a walk and bumped into a whole bunch of beautiful flowers.

Badger sett surveyed…

Badger settDog whacked out, that’s job done.

FizzWalking back to the farm I was surprised to see that we have become a camp site. “Honeysuckle Meadows”

Honeysuckle MeadowsIt is more of a field really.

Honeysuckle MeadowsAnd you have to share it.

Honeysuckle MeadowsStill not bad for a fiver a night.

Honeysuckle Meadows


4 thoughts on “Honeysuckle Meadows”

  1. I loved honeysuckle when I lived in the southeast U.S. Many of us kids would sit around one really large bush and suck out the honey. It’s a wonder that bush survived. Now I live farther north, and the honey is diminished, but the flowers still grow in our area.


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