Woodpecker Fledglings?

Hi, I am just going to take Fizz out then I will do some posts. There has been quite a lot going on but I became obsessed again and this is why.

Great Spotted Woodpecker FledglingIn case you don’t have Great spotted Woodpeckers where you come from, it’s a fledgling. (Black and white head is female, Red patch on the back of the neck is male and red cap like this is a juvenile)

I am so pleased that she has got chicks and this was the first one that we saw.

Unfortunately this one was on the grass when Fizz and I came back two nights ago. She didn’t touch it but she chased it across the lawn and my picture are so rubbish because I was chasing her and shouting at her to “leave it!” Which she did really, it escaped.Great Spotted Woodpecker FledglingPoor little thing but I have good reason to believe it will be okay, being temporarily grounded is part and parcel of leaving the nest and nothing to worry about, the parents are around.

Great Spotted Woodpecker FledglingSo for the last two days  I have been watching for it and or any of it’s siblings. GSW’s have four to seven in a brood and when they are ready to venture out mum usually takes them around and shows them where to get a meal. Wouldn’t it be great to have half a dozen Woodpeckers at the bird table?

I have seen nothing yet but the parents are making very frequent trips to the feeder and flying off with beaks full of food.

Meanwhile the Swallows are still hanging about the nest days after they fledged and the garden is full of little “Yellow Cheeks”, they have done all right, at least here they have.

Fizz and I have been having a tough time, working on our tans.

TanningThe sheep have been for a haircut and they look lovely.

HaircutAnd we have taken lots of photographs that I will show you soon.

Swollen Thighed Beetle

Green Orb Spider

White lipped Snail


Speckled Wood


2 thoughts on “Woodpecker Fledglings?”

  1. We have these woodpeckers here in Michigan and although I have never seen one up close, I have heard them pecking away while at some of our Metro Parks. Wonderful pictures. Now I can put a picture with the sound. ~ Tilly


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