The Giant Invisible Polar Bear

If I have one rule on this blog it is never to talk about the Giant Invisible Polar Bear…..

Do you like Speckled Wood Butterflies? I do.

Speckled Wood ButterflyWell, I have been taking loads of pictures of Speckled Woods but I have got one that stands out (at least for me and I get captivated by it’s beauty, the animal not the photograph.)

Invisible Bears: It is best that we don’t mention invisible bears. Let us just say that it is my spirit Bear’s picture and not mine. I didn’t create it, I just pointed my stick at it.

It is not that good anyway.

Speckled wood

You don’t think that it is good? It is the colour in the scallop shape that gets me. I have taken hundreds of pictures of Speckled Woods and this one is the best that I have seen, Obviously I have seen much better macro but you can’t macro the whole scallop. There is only so much that you can do with a butterfly.

Nice one, Giant invisible Bear that walks with me, now that we are mates again maybe you could accidentally tread on Fizz with those great big feet. I am allowed to take the whiz, we are very close. I went nuts ages ago. Love you, thanks and can I have some woodpeckers?

All of the Giant Invisible Polar Bear’s works are published free of copyright and can be downloaded and re-used in any way that you like. I will tell you why later, best not make him mad.

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