News from the Farm

The peace of my Sunday morning was disturbed by the sound of my neighbour’s lawnmower.

I had been playing with my Swallows all day and Fizz needed a walk so this evening we set off to have a look at the Badger sett.

Our wild flower meadow has gone.



PastureThe cut grass will be collected and used to make silage (animal fodder)

The mower hadn’t gone anywhere near the sett entrance and our little corner was as overgrown as ever….

Badger settBut as we had carried the camera and a bag of nuts all the way up here we decided to trample some more grass and set it up anyway,

Badger sett

Badger settIt is such a beautiful evening I just think Badgers would have to be nuts not to come out and enjoy it.



EveningI could happily have stayed  out myself to watch them but by this time we had been joined by Buddy, another of the farm dogs.

BuddyMuch as I love (or at least am kind to) Dogs they are not the best Badger watching companions.

DogsUpdate: That night the Badgers didn’t appear until 1:30 in the morning. I am concluding that they had not been in this sett today. Apart from peanuts I had smeared peanut butter on some of the surrounding tree stumps. I have had a lot of success using peanut butter to attract Badgers it is very smelly and I have even had them trying to climb trees to get it. I am sure that if they had been in this sett they would have smelled the peanut butter and come out much earlier.

A few days earlier they had come out for raisins at ten to nine. That day I am pretty certain that they were in this sett, they would not have travelled any distance that early in the evening.

So they don’t always sleep in the same place. They are tricky.

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