A Bird In The Hand

I have been watching the back garden birds closely for the last week anxious to see the little yellow faces of Blue Tit fledglings. Just because it has been such a wet spring. It’s hard for the parents to find enough food to raise a brood. So I really wanted to see a Blue Tit fledgling, just not like this….

I got home from walking Fizz and doing nature observation stuff and my landlord called me, he had something for me. A neighbour had found this fledgling on his lawn and brought it round here so that the Bird Man could look after it. He can’t.

I know that it is with the very best intentions that somebody will see a little bird like this and think that it is in trouble but it is not. Fully feathered and capable of flying several feet this little bird is supposed to be on the ground it is a natural part of leaving the nest. The parents will be close by and will continue to feed it and look after it. The only thing that I could do was take it back to where it was found and let it go and hope that it will be all right.

I am pretty sure that it will be fine it had a healthy pair of lungs and made a lot of noise and the parent birds will obviously still be around. Birds have a really poor sense of smell and so it doesn’t matter that people handled it, they won’t reject it like a mammal might.

Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit FledglingLovely to see the little bird and to know that they are finally leaving the nest. I shall double my watch on the back garden feeder.


Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit FledglingI am going now. Come and have breakfast with me some time. bye. Take care  and good luck.

…..Learn to fly.

Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit FledglingI am sure it’s parents will find it, I put it back exactly where it had been found.

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