Feeding the birds provides me with a lot of entertainment and interest and I think that it is very good value for what it costs.

I won’t be long.

Hungry BirdsIt seems like a funny time of year to be moulting.

Moulting Blue TitMy coconut went down well and now I am improvising another one.

Coconut CoconutOkay. Dinners ready!

Great TitGreat Spotted WoodpeckerRobinHouse SparrowPied WagtailRobinChaffinchGoldfinchGreat TitBlackbirdBlue TitCollared DoveGreat Spotted Woodpecker

One thought on “Tuppence”

  1. I feed the birds in the afternoon, usually about four or five, that way there is food for a few hours before they settle down and more importantly there is still plenty left at first light, so I don’t have to get up in the morning. At six o’clock this morning there was a hungry looking Blackbird outside my door saying, “There’s no worms.” Ha! I wonder where they went..


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