Treacle Update 22.05


Hi, I know that we have only just had Treacle but there has been a development.

Treacle has been behaving very childishly but let’s continue from where we left off. I didn’t see Treacle at all yesterday, I was not too worried, I have built him a little jungle and it is easy for him to get lost in it.

This morning I thought that I should have a proper look and see how he was doing. I am very pleased with the nettles, they seem to have taken to their new home.

Stinging NettleI had expected them to wilt within a few hours but these are the same nettles that I started with. Most of the time I keep the Treacle-arium covered loosely with cling film and I think that this creates a good atmosphere for them. I left them uncovered for a couple of hours this morning and they started to wilt quite quickly.

Stinging NettleSo where is Treacle?

The clever little caterpillar has stitched a nettle leaf with silk and he is hiding inside.

Stinging NettleSadly he doesn’t look very well. He looks very black and dry and well, dead…

Small Tortoiseshell CaterpillarI was just looking at him and wondering what had happened when I started to notice movement. I couldn’t see very well but it looked like something was crawling about on top of him.

Something has got Treacle! But no, it was worse than that, he was growing another head! I ran to get a torch.

Small Tortoiseshell Caterpillar

Treacle appeared to be involved in a life or death struggle with something much bigger than himself and there was only going to be one winner.

Small Tortoiseshell Caterpillar Small Tortoiseshell Caterpillar Small Tortoiseshell CaterpillarFrom the chaos of battle the victor emerged.

Small Tortoiseshell CaterpillarWell! I thought that you were a bit more grown up than that.

Hello new Treacle.

Small Tortoiseshell CaterpillarSo Treacle was not a fifth instar after all. He has shed his skin and now we have a new, bigger,better and brighter Treacle.

If I had my wits about me I would have opened the leaf and let some light in. I could have taken some really good pictures and shown you a miracle.

Instinct kicks in and my first instinct and cardinal rule is “Never stress an animal for the sake of a photograph,” He was vulnerable so I couldn’t interfere. In retrospect I very much doubt that it would have caused him any stress at all, he was busy and I should have taken the shots. There wasn’t time to think it through and I did what I always do, stood back and watched but I am sure to get another chance with one of his body doubles.

New Treacle is resting inside of his little nettle tent now. It must be quite exhausting, bursting out of your own belly. I will go and pick him some fresh leaves. Ouch Ouch Ouch.

Small Tortoiseshell Caterpillar Small Tortoiseshell Caterpillar Small Tortoiseshell Caterpillar

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