Building a Treacle-arium

I am a simple man. I just want to watch a caterpillar pupate.

Hello,would you like to come and live with me. I just want to do experiments on you and take photographs.

Small Tortoiseshell LarvaHmm, six thoracic legs, ten prolegs and an eating tube, it’s the right colour too.. This one will do nicely.

Small Tortoiseshell Larva

This is Treacle, my new pet.

Small Tortoiseshell LarvaShe is going to live in a flower pot in my kitchen.

Small Tortoiseshell LarvaThere is a little pot of wet earth in it to help keep her greens fresh. I can’t put them in water in case she falls in and drowns. I expect that I will have to buy her fresh flowers every day until she pupates.

Small Tortoiseshell LarvaI have added sticks for her to climb on and plenty of nettles. I have explained that here she will be safe from birds and those nasty wasps that want to lay eggs in her and that when she is a butterfly I will let her go again. I think that she likes her new home.

Small Tortoiseshell LarvaHa Ha! Now you are my prisoner!

Small Tortoiseshell LarvaToday Fizz and I are going to go out and see if we can find some more little Treacles, just to give me a better chance of catching things with my camera.

It will be like in the “Lassie” films, Lassie wasn’t always the same dog you know?


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