The Drinker

We had something to celebrate. I felt very close to Marmalade and was so happy to get the chance to photograph her reason for being.

Sho we went out to wet the babies  head.

Thish is my  good friend, my only friend and I love him like he wash my brother. He only hass one name, they call him THE DRINKER.

D’you know what else there ish about him and I’m only telling you this because it is a big secret…shhhh…

He has the secret of eternel youff. Eternal youth. Honestly …

I photographed him months ago and he looked exackly the same as he does today.

You know Peter Pan, you know Peter Pan don’t you? You know what’s special about him? I mean he is always a boy and he never grows up yeah but if there was one of his super powers that I would steal it wouldn’t be his youff…

He hasn’t got a shadow. Just imagine the photographs you could take if you didn’t have a shadow, you could get right up in some insets’ face on a bright sunny day.

What were we talking about?

Euthrix potatoria (The Drinker)

POTATO?  Are you sure?

The Drinker Moth (Larva) – Euthrix potatoria

Pictures taken on March 13th.


Drinker Moth Larva(There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done)

The Drinker LarvaDOES THAT LOOK LIKE FIZZ TO YOU? Sorry mate was I talking a bit loud?

(Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung)

The Drinker LarvaEuthrix Potato-Head….

The taxi’s here mate.

Pictures of the drinker taken last night.

(nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game)

Drinker moth larvaDrinker moth larva(It’s EASY)

Drinker moth larvaAll you need is love

Drinker moth larvaLove is all you need.

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