A Squash Bug

This is a Dock Bug, Coreus marginatus. It is from the family Coreidae, also known as Squash Bugs, nothing to do with squashing them, the name Squash Bug comes from North America and is a reference to the fact that some Coreidae  species are pests on Squash plants.

Coreidae have four segments to their antennae.

Dock BugThe Dock Bug is a Squash Bug and not a Shield Bug as I incorrectly stated in a previous post.

Shield Bugs belong to the family Pentatomidae which translates from the Greek as “five sections” and Shield Bugs have five segments to their antennae.

Birch Shield Bug, Elasmostethus interstinctus.

Birch Shield BugWell, I am glad that we got that sorted out.

When asked about his politics the Dock Bug said that if he won the lottery he would buy his own pumpkin patch.

Dock Bug Dock Bug

Dock Bug Dock Bug Dock Bug Dock Bug Dock Bug

2 thoughts on “A Squash Bug”

  1. Well there’s a whole host of things I didn’t know but I do now, great photos of the little chap too.


    1. Thank you so much and ditto. A friend pulled me up on the “It’s not a shield bug” thing and then I had to look into the difference between a squash bug and a shield bug. But then I only got into photography as a means to bring information home with me so that I could identify things and learn about them. It is all about learning. thanks for the nice comment.


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