What a Mistake-a to Make-a

It was a lovely sunny day today and Fizz and I went out for a walk. I can’t tell you where, that might compromise my Badger’s safety, we just went somewhere nice but a bit narrow.

Somewhere we could be close to nature.

Hello little Weevil.

Green Nettle Weevil

Good morning little Shieldbug.

Dock Bug

Hello Misumena vatia.
Crab Spider
Oh it was nice out.

I had bought Fizz a new toy. It is to help her to concentrate and keep out of my way when I  am taking pictures. She likes it.


Look Sticky Willy is in flower.

CleaversI love Sticky Willy. (Cleavers, Goosegrass or Galium aparine)

Fizz FizzHa Ha! That’s so funny!


Red Campion was borrowing the nettles foliage to set itself off, a lovely colour.Red CampionCreeping Buttercup was forming flower beds in the hedgerow.

Creeping Buttercup The Cow Parsley is just magnificent, it has a presence like the Bluebells in the wood or the Dandelions in the meadow. Cow Parsley definitely deserves a post of it’s own.Cow ParsleySo there we were having a lovely day out when I heard a cyclist coming up behind us, nothing especially odd about that. There is not much room so I just took hold of Fizz while he passed.

Cow ParsleyJust behind him was another cyclist.

The Tour de Bloomin' FranceThen another and another.

The Tour de Bloomin' France The Tour de Bloomin' FranceSomeone had routed the Tour de Bloomin’ France up our back passage.

I kid you not. One of the fellas had number 892 on his chest and I believed him. We couldn’t move for an hour.

The Tour de Bloomin' FranceWe just had to stand by the side and say “Hi, Hello, Lovely Day” Over and over again to an increasingly tired looking peloton.

They had made their way up a very long and narrow and very muddy track. It was hard going and the sun was blazing.

The Tour de Bloomin' FranceEven when the main body had passed there was a constant stream of stragglers and we couldn’t get back the way we had come.

I had a good idea.

“Come on Fizz let’s go through that field of friendly looking cows.”

Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide“FIZZ! THESE COWS HAVE GOT NO UDDERS!”


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