Not exactly ducklings

Well I had a good adventure, thank you. I am a bit tired after my ten hour hike (not as tired as Fizz) so I am just going to show you some of the best bits.

We wanted ducklings but this time we got goslings.

This is a perfect little Greylag Goose, it has even got it’s own reflection.

Greylag GoslingI am getting very fond of the Greylags and I am really pleased to be able to see and photograph the goslings.


Greylag GeeseThis was a family group with both parents proudly showing off their chicks. Well not really showing them off, they were avoiding people but came over to me when a dog jumped in the water on the other side of the pond.

The goslings moved freely between the two adult birds, they weren’t just following mum.

Greylag Geese Greylag Geese

It was really nice to see them and I hope that I get the chance to watch them growing up.Greylag Geese Greylag Geese Greylag Geese

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