My New Bird

I know I fall in love a lot but this time it’s different.

It has got feathered feet.

House MartinHouse Martins have been arriving on the farm for a couple of weeks now and their numbers are growing. I have been looking for a way to get close to them and this morning I think that I found it.

The Swallows are very good at sitting on the wire outside of my front door but up until now I hadn’t seen the Martins settle anywhere. I noticed there was a lot of activity behind one of the farm buildings, so I snuck round there and I found mud.

Mud and Martins.

House Martin

House Martin

House Martin

House Martin

House Martin

House MartinThey do seem to like mud.

Well I wasn’t over pleased with the pictures that I got but this is the first time that I have got close to them. By the time I found the best spot to watch them the sun had gone in. They let me get very close in the end, I just had to stay in the shadow, pressed against a wall and not move. There are much better pictures to come.

There is a good in-flight shot to come out of this but I need the sunshine to freeze the movement and I need the luck for the bird to come into frame and focus at just the right moment.

House Martin

House MartinNot this time but I am enjoying trying.

The main thing for me today was just getting close to them. I know House Martins and I could spot one for you at a distance but I have never seen their fluffy feet before. My pictures may not be great but they are great enough for you to see that is one very cute bird.

Also a comedian.

House MartinI am seeing the stars of the silent screen in this bird.

House MartinIdiot mud eating bird, I already love you.

Come and love my camera.

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