Inachis io!

Ooooh I’ve woken up in a stroppy mood today!

(Peacock Butterfly)Peacock Buttefly

What’s wrong? Well it is not Inachis io any more. They have changed it’s name to Aglais io. I don’t know when that happened, it is not the sort of thing I would have to look up. I have only just found out and..


Inachis io was one of the first scientific names that I learnt, in fact I think that it was the very first. They just keep messing about with stuff.

Peacock ButteflyWe have to have scientific names and taxonomy and all of that stuff because common names vary and very often a species will have many different common names.

When I linked to tamara’s blog in my post about the spider, that was a post about a plant called Ham and Eggs that I know as Bird’s-foot Trefoil but we both knew Lotus corniculatus and I knew exactly what she was talking about. For this reason we need scientific names.

It is just  that I loved Inachis io like a very old friend.

Peacock ButterflyIt wasn’t very long ago that a Blue Tit was a Parus caeruleus and now it is a Cyanistes caeruleus. It is hard to keep up with the changes.

So this isn’t a post about the very interesting life cycle of the peacock butterfly, it is just me being stroppy. Plus it is a good excuse for me to post a few pictures of what some people describe as the most beautiful butterfly in the world.

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock ButterflyNow I am going to take Fizz for a walk in the cold and the rain that should brighten me up a bit.

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