Misumena vatia

This post is just a response to seeing a Crab Spider on another blog and feeling inspired.

My Botanical Garden

Crab SpiderCrab Spiders are ambush predators that hide on flower heads to catch their prey when it comes down to feed. They can change colour to match the flower that they are hiding on but they can’t do purple. My spider is on a Buddleia.

Crab Spider

Crab Spider

2 thoughts on “Misumena vatia”

  1. They can only go through white, yellow and green and it takes them a few days to change. Bright yellow spiders are common, though not so easy to notice on a yellow flower and another name for this spider is the Goldenrod Spider. I very often find them on Buddleia and it is worth having a close look at those flowers in the summertime. Loved the Lilacs.


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