A Photogenic Flower

I find some flowers really hard to photograph, they just don’t lend themselves to the camera.Snowdrop would be an example of such a flower. When the snowdrops were out I had as much opportunity as I wanted but I never did manage to get really good pictures.

This one just throws itself at the camera.

21So let’s just clear up any confusion. This is a Barren Strawberry (Potentilla sterilis). It looks a bit like a Wild Strawberry but the differences are quite obvious really.

For identification in the field just look at the centre of the flower. the Wild Strawberry has a yellow dome in the centre.

This is a Wild Strawberry.

21.1It’s pretty but it’s not as easy as Potentilla sterilis.

22I like it when a flower is nice to me.

The Barren Strawberry isn’t a real strawberry  and it doesn’t produce strawberry fruits (now they make a nice picture) but in the spring time it does make a very pretty picture.






27They are still in flower for a bit longer, the flowering season is given as February to May, so look out for them.


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