The Old Man’s Dog

1This is Fizz. I thought that I should introduce you, she goes everywhere with me.

She is not my dog. She belongs to the farmer that I rent from. She is a breed of dog called a Shih Tzu, I looked that up. It is not a proper dog at all, it’s a toy dog. Still she is my companion.

She is training to be a nature detective dog to help me with my photography.

(Lesser Celandine)

2It’s an uphill struggle.

3(Pheasant’s egg)

4You know what I mean when I say “Uphill struggle” don’t you?

5I can’t wait to see what will happen when we meet a snake.

She is keen to show me.


7Yes, well good luck with that.

8She is slowly getting better. She found me a Mole the other day. She is not in this shot because I tied her to a tree while I photographed it.

9Maybe I should take the same approach with snakes.

What she can’t find is her balls.

10Can anyone explain to me how she can lose a bright yellow ball?

11She lost two tonight. We have just been up to the Badger sett to bait the camera.


It is a funny thing having a dog that can get herself lost on the lawn but she is not very big.


She gives me a lot of trouble but I am kind to animals and I am sure that she appreciates the walks we share. One day when her training is complete I am sure she will be an asset to the team.

14Until that day….


16The phrase “soldier on” comes to mind.



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