Easy Wildflowers

So I think that “tramp” is going to be my blog. I have messed about with a few ideas but I like this one. I am enjoying writing it and I don’t feel oppressed by it, it doesn’t feel like an obligation. It is fun. That’s all good but I need more than that.

I need somewhere to store my stuff, where I can get at it quickly when I want to, that sort of thing. So yesterday I started to create a new blog that I have called “Easy Wildflowers” it is just a place for me to keep pictures and a little bit of info so that I don’t forget things.

The common Dog Violet has a pale spur…

1and the Early Dog Violet has a dark spur, that sort of thing.

2It is very useful to me when I find a new flower to be able to look at other flowers and say, “Well, it’s not one of them.”

(It is not a Thyme-leaved Speedwell)3And it is not one of these.

(it is not a Germander Speedwell either)4and so it goes.

I spent ages on it yesterday and I only managed to create ten posts, (there are a lot of wildflowers) so it will take me a little while to populate this new blog  but I do need it.

It is created for me but  you are of course welcome to visit, it won’t fulfil any proper function until I get a few hundred posts done and I am trying to keep posts very simple so that I can work quickly. It is here.

Easy Wildflowers

So these are Wood Anemones…


and these are Bluebells.

6I know that you know that but what if I forget?

The white ones are called…

7Hmm… Nature can be very confusing. I need to take notes.

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