Bright Sparkly Things

The first damselfly to appear in the spring is the Large Red Damselfly.

1Regarding identification, we only have two species of red damselfly and the Small Red Damselfly is rare, only found in the south of England and has red legs, so this is a Large.

2Damselflies rest with their wings closed whereas dragonflies rest with their wings open and damselflies tend to be smaller. Also damselflies avoid people, a dragonfly will often hover in front of you having a look  at you but I have never known a damsel to do that. You have to sneak up on damselflies.


I think that they are wonderfully intricate and beautiful. Like nature’s jewellery but a pin made of precious metals and jewels could never compare to the real thing.

4Flight time for the Large Red is from April until the end of August so there is plenty of time to see them.



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