Love is in the air.


bDo you know Swallows?

Wonderful little birds. They arrive in April and they stay until October. They have come from South Africa where they spent the winter months with elephants and crocodiles but they were born here.

aI will show you where we live, we live together.

The white door on the right is my front door and the little passage at the foot of my steps is their front door (kind of).

cThis is where the next generation will be born.

dSometimes they pass inches in front of my face as they swoop down into that passage and there is a crack of wing that is like a sonic boom as they pass me.

Sometimes when I am coming back through that passage I will meet one flying at speed straight at me and in that narrow confine they can turn in mid air and fly back out, talk about turning on a sixpence.

But actually there is not just two, there are dozens of them, this is a farm and there are a lot of nests in the buildings around the yard where we play.

They pair up and they are very attentive to each other. Watching them you would think that they were married to each other.

e f g h iThey make me laugh.

kIn the early morning and I mean just as it is getting light, their chatter drowns out the song birds and wakes me up.

I guess that I am in a lucky place in my life.

lHa Ha!



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